Who says you can't have your cake and eat it too? With our Summer Slim Down Pass, you can enjoy all the summer festivities without sacrificing your health goals!

Who says you can't have your cake and eat it too? With our Summer Slim Down Pass, you can enjoy all the summer festivities without sacrificing your health goals!

My Clients' Success Testimonial!

Hey women over 40s who wants to be healthy without all the restrictions of normal diet culture? Are you tired of counting calories and ready for freedom and flexibility this summer? Look no further! The Summer Slim Down Pass is designed specifically for you. Embrace the beach, cookouts, and nights out without fear of undoing your progress. It's time to reclaim your curves with confidence!

Picture this...

YOU, confidently strutting your stuff at the beach, enjoying a cookout with friends, or having a night out on the town.

With the Summer Slim Down Pass, you'll have a coach and team supporting you every step of the way.

No more restrictive diets or guilt trips over a slice of cake. This is the ultimate freedom and flexibility to enjoy your summer without sacrificing your health goals.

Get ready to reclaim your curves and have the best summer of your life!

Ready for the SUMMER?

The Reclaim Your Curves VIP:

Summer Slim Down Pass is your ticket to success! Say goodbye to bland diets and hello to simple meal plans that even the pickiest eaters will love. We've got your back, and your curves!

Get ready to have your own personal coach and a community of like-minded women in your pocket. Questions? Advice? Celebrations? We're here for it all! It's like having your very own cheer squad, minus the pom-poms.

Wave goodbye to yo-yo dieting forever! Our weekly group meetups, masterclasses, and meal ideas will keep you accountable and supported throughout your journey. We're all about banishing those dieting blues!

We've made it easy for you to sustain your results with simple meal ideas and workout videos. You'll stay beach-ready and feeling fabulous all summer long!

But wait, there's more! As a Summer Slim Down Pass holder, you'll get free or discounted access to all our exciting workshops, masterclasses, challenges, and even retreats hosted by the one and only Ileka!

Say goodbye to stress and hello to self-care. Our personalized self-care plan will have you feeling like a million bucks. You deserve it!


  • Access to Quick and Easy Meal Plans and Meal Ideas for Summer? Check!

  • Workout guidance based on your fitness level and workout videos modified for beginners and advanced? Absolutely!

  • Intimate Community Accountability Sessions with Q&A and coaching? You bet!

  • Community Support Group not on Facebook? We've got a safe space just for you!

  • Live masterclasses throughout the summer? Count us in!

This is valued at $1500 for 3 months, but our Summer Pass is only $397 for a full 3-month membership.

Grab it before July 1st and get a bonus 1:1 coaching session with the incredible Ileka herself!

Customer Success Stories

Ready to embrace the Summer Slim Down and reclaim your curves? Join us now! Click the button below to grab your Summer Slim Down Pass and start your journey to a healthier, happier you.

Meet Your Coach:

Ileka Falette

Ileka Falette, founder of Reclaim Your Curves and Reclaim Your Revenue, is a mom of 4 who lost 120 pounds in about a year with healthy eating, exercise, and impactful mindset shifts.

In addition to being a Master Certified NLP Mindset Coach, NASM Personal Trainer, and Keto Coach, Ileka has worked with over 1000 women fuel themselves so they can lose the weight while embracing those sexy curves. These women have more energy, live pain-free, and feel like themselves again. Using her Reclaim Your Curves Methodology Ileka helps you lose the weight permanently without giving up the lifestyle they love.

Reclaim Your Curves VIP was designed so women could have a community, safe space, guidance, and support throughout this journey and achieve long term success.




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